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Jewelry Care

Every Precious jewelry piece is handcrafted with care, and please keep in mind that they are delicate and must be cared for properly to last a long time. Our chains and huggies are plated with precious metals, either gold, white gold, or silver. Plated jewelry is also known as dipped or vermeil, meaning the brass jewelry has been dipped in a coat of genuine metal, like gold/silver. Precious metal plated jewelry is an elegant yet affordable option. 

The longevity of the plating quality depends on how the jewelry is worn and the maintenance of it. They will tarnish more rapidly under both hot and humid conditions. Any moisture (water, sweat) or chemicals (lotion, perfume) will further the oxidation process, and make it more prone to chips and tarnishing. Therefore, it's best that your jewelry is the last thing you put on before going out, and the first to be taken off when you come home. Sleeping with jewelry is not recommended as they can be tangled or crushed. 


We recommend cleaning our jewels to remove dust or dirt after wear with a soft polishing cloth. 

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